Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blessed Organization and maybe a bit of nesting, too!

On Saturday, (while Glenn and the boys and Nicole were busy making Rosie's little kitchen), the older girls and I decided to do an extreme organization makeover on our office/music/homeschool room. It was in DESPERATE NEED of a makeover! It's amazing how quickly things become messy and disorganized with all of us using that space. Take a peek for yourself!


So....after much, much work on Saturday with the girls and then some more finishing touches by me yesterday (while Grace was making supper!!---you see each of the 4 older kids have a night that they make supper and I don't have to be in the kitchen!! Yeah for me!!) we now have this:

Each of the children have a shelf for their school books and supplies and I have the other shelves for games, curriculum, etc.

Jon and Nicole each have a shelf in this bookcase. I added a dishpan for each of them to keep their everyday school books in and carry them out to the kitchen and living room. It's working great!

 I'm really pleased with the outcome and so are the kids! It's so much nicer to go in there! Yeah! Now..on to my room! I have some spots in my "love nest" that need major organization!

I may have a bit of nesting going on, too, getting ready for Edward and Zoey to come home hopefully this year!


R said...

That looks great. Our homeschool room/office/guest room needs a reorganization about twice a year (well, it needs it more often, but it gets it about twice a year). :) Great job!

Hope Rising Farm said...

Looks greaat! It will be so much fun to work in!