Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Celebrate Happy New Year at the Nursing Home!

"May God's richest blessings be upon you, as you seek to keep your eyes on Him."  (wisdom from Grace!)

We went to our monthly nursing home ministry today and had a wonderful time of fellowship. There were at least 12 residents in attendance today, which was such a blessing! Another family has been joining us for the last 2 months, and they have been such an encouragement to us all! This audience is so precious and very forgiving. They truly are a wonderful group of folks that allow us to come into their home each month! We love it! month, Glenn is going to lead the message! Yeah!!!

Here are some photos and then I'll also put up a few videos, too, on another post!

We all work to get the room set up and welcome the residents!

We've started something new...all of the children and some other family members go up front to sing the hymns. Madelyn loves to accompany on her violin!

Madelyn and Elisha play "Be Thou My Vision"...this is Glenn's favorite hymn!

Edward played a Spanish song from his piano book!

Emily also loves to play the piano each time.

Precious Nicole told us that she wanted to sing Jesus Loves Me as a solo. She did a GREAT job!

Madelyn taught Romans 6:23! She did a great job! When she asked for 2 volunteers to help hold up the book, these were her 2 helpers! One big, one small! Precious!

I entertained little Rosie in the back of the room. She had fun!

Just had to show you Rosie's shirt she wore today. It's a great message, and perfect for her!

This is Rosie's friend Hannah. Hannah will be 2 in July and just started walking within the last few weeks! They are really cute together!

Just had to include a photo of Rosie's birthday hat I just finished making her today. It's a cupcake! It came out really cute!
So I'm sure you can see why we love this ministry so much, and we leave church early, and forgo having lunch with our fellowship in order to make it from Lebanon, Maine area to Epsom by 2:30 the last Sunday of every month! Hey...maybe we'll see you all there sometime soon! We'd love it!

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Anonymous said...

YAYAYAYAY for a cupcake hat! I need to make one for Genevieve still :). Rosie is so precious. Happy belated birthday to her. Glenn did a great job building her kitchen! Many hugs to you Mary! Miss you!
Karis :)