Monday, January 14, 2013

Yesterday was SUCH a blessing to my heart!

Have you ever had a day where you were blessed beyond words? Yesterday was that kind of day for me. Such an amazing gift from the Lord. On the second Sunday of each month, we have church at our home. This is always an incredible blessing to every member of my family. Yesterday was a church day here at Grace Abounding Farm. God's Grace certainly did abound yesterday here!

It all started with my team of workers family. I couldn't do it without each and every one of them working together to get things ready, from the food, and extra special cleaning projects, to the set up of chairs, hymnals, communion, and caring for the little ones underfoot, too. After much prayer and bustling around, the kids were so excited to see the first folks drive in! They LOVE to announce who is here!

The teaching was just what I needed!  Philippians 2:3Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory; but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves. This was the focus of the teaching. Very convicting and humbling. Then after the service, we share a luncheon together and spend time in fellowship. This is always sooooo sweet! It's one of my favorite parts!

Then after everyone had headed home, my team goes into action again, for the 2nd time that day, and helps to put everything away! A place for everything and everything in its' place! That's our motto! Glenn was amazed (and I was, too), that after we had shared our home with 41 people for church and a luncheon, that in one hour, we had everything back to our family way. That includes break down of all of the tables and chairs, dishes, vacuuming and mopping and sweeping, and anything else that needs doing! Wow! What a blessing to have such a dedicated and wonderful team! hubby and I actually got to go out on a date! Another big WOW! We were supposed to head to a friend's home for supper, but they had to cancel at the last minute...and so....we needed to have our passport photos taken for our passport renewal, and so we combined that with a trip to Applebee's and used a Christmas gift card, and had a date! Madelyn stayed here and watched all of the children, and we headed out! This was truly a gift from the Lord. God knew I needed this special time to re-coop and rejuvenate! Thank you Lord, Thank you Glenn! I came home refreshed and energized for the day to come! (Today). You see, we started back to our school schedule officially today! That means:

Up at 5:15. 
Get Glenn's lunch ready and Rosie's bottle ready, too.
Back up stairs to get dressed and then have family Bible time and prayer time before Glenn leaves for work.
Get Glenn off to work.
Read alouds and one/on/one time with the littles
Then one/on/one time with the big kids
Wisdom books and any other school work!
Supper prep...and note books, too!
Phew...I need to go to bed now...I'm tired!
Anyway...yesterday filled my fuel tank and this is truly what gave me such a wonderful day today!

Thank you Lord!

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Melissa said...

Goodness, I love to read about big families that function so well together. I have been thinking about little Zoey soo much since you shared her video. Are you keeping her name or sharing her name yet?