Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Question For You! ???????????????????????

As we celebrate Spring, and think of summer, and plan outings, and maybe vacations, and such...as we budget and plan, and maybe lament that we can't take our beloved vacation.....could we all ponder this question???

"When you and I come to the end of our life, supposing that we had ALL of the wealth in the world, and supposing we took all of our PERFECT vacations, would we look back and say that ANY of that brought us satisfaction?? Can we measure success in that way? If there is a poor orphan dying because they have no food, or a young fellow in your neighborhood going down to hell because he has NO ONE to show him the way to heaven, wouldn't serving those people be a better way to live than accumulating great wealth, or having taken great vacations?"

Looking back on the little things in my life as of late, I would rather have them than all of the gold in the world. When I come before the judgement seat at the day of reckoning, my "success": will be measured in no other way than by what the gospel of Jesus Christ has enabled me to do. Christ has led my husband and family into some of the bleakest places on earth, but we have NEVER been sorry that we have obeyed His call. The truth is, I don't have to wait to get to heaven to get my rewards. I get them every day in the satisfaction of living out the mission field that God has me in. By serving my husband, and mothering my children, I know that I am doing something that the Master approves of. That is what He did while He was here on earth....He helped people, and if we want to follow Him, that is what we have to do, too! Every time one of my orphans that I call my son or daughter, cares for another orphan with such love and compassion. Such amazing encouragement that they NEVER received before coming here, I see God's love in action, and this my dear friends, is worth ALL of the gold and precious jewels in the world!


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