Sunday, March 17, 2013

I prayed for a Ninja!

 "Ask and it shall be given unto you! Seek and ye shall find!"....Matthew 7:7.

 Have any of our heard of a Ninja? What comes to mind? Are you surprised that I would pray for one? Well...before you think I have gone off the deep end.......this is a Ninja...........

Ninja QB900B Master Prep Revolutionary Food and Drink Maker, Gray

by Ninja

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  • 48-Ounce blender and 16-Ounce food processor bowl with interchangeable power pod
  • Ergonomic operation with one touch pulsing puts all of the power in the palm of your hand
  • Ninja blade technology for uniform cutting and ice crushing action to create creamy frozen drinks and desserts
  • Anti-spill splash guard and non-slip bases
  • Removable parts are dishwasher-safe


You see...My family and I have been on a new healthy eating plan for the last 2 weeks.


And on this eating plan there has been a LOT of chopping, blending, mixing, and smoothie making! I mean a LOT!!!! And so...I was using my tried and true low end black and decker blender and food processor. They have now taken on a permanent place on my counter! Several of my friends have and love their Ninjas. So...I had been praying that God would provide me with a Ninja...if He would be so kind! forward to yesterday. Glenn and I were on some errands and we stopped at one of our favorite places to poke around. It's lovingly known as "the barn". It's 3 stories of indoor yard sale paradise! Jim, the owner, does estate clean outs, and buys things in lots and such, and puts it all in the barn! Some might say it's junk...but to others it is a treasure hunt! That includes us! It's open on Saturdays and Sundays, rain or shine, dead of winter of heat of summer! we went to the "barn", and poked around. I was specifically looking for a small piece of furniture that I could organize Rosie's toys on in the living room, AND...a step stool for my friend Louisa so she can reach her kitchen cabinets! So.....I begin looking around and I was soooo excited to find this...

(Of course I've already put it into place)! Isn't it lovely? The bottom is a nice deep drawer that I put toys in, too. Out of sight! I just LOVE it! My rule is...whatever fits in the little bureau are all of Rosie's toys that are allowed in the living room.  So that was only $6.00! And...I am remiss in not buying the matching one, as I love this one so much I am thinking I'd have a spot in the living room for the matching one, too. Maybe it will still be there next week when I go! It's the kind of thing where..."I should have bought it when I saw it at the barn!".....So......I kept poking around. Sorry Louisa, I didn't find a step stool for you there, but God had other plans for that...I'll fill you in later! So...I found the blender container part of a brand new Ninja in the kitchen supply area of the barn. "Wow!"...I thought! This is soooo cool. So I went to "Bubba" of the guys who works in the barn. Yes...his nickname really is Bubba. Isn't that the perfect name  for someone who works at an old barn selling junk in NH?? Maybe some folks think they are down South for a few minutes when they hear his name. However, being only 15 degrees outside yesterday, and having this be a very old barn with lots of leaks, you could see your breath in there and you new you must be up North. I Bubba says..."Hey...that came in a big box on Saturday here, and I didn't know where all of the parts were so I didn't put them together. " So he fished around and found a couple of other parts. We tried and tried to get them to work...but were missing. So...I thought to myself...that's okay...God must have other plans of answering my prayers, and I went on my way looking around some more. Then Bubba's friend was able to get the Ninja working, and I went back to that section with Bubba to look around for more parts again. We scoured the area, but no other parts. Then God prompted me..."Look up, Mary...look up"..and so I did. Bubba saw me looking on the top shelf and he said..."The only other thing that came in that box last week as this other big huge commercial blender!"...Looking up, I saw 2 words that jazzed me right up...."Vita-Mix" ....Oh my...I thought....This is a wonderful thing! Have you heard of a Vita Mix? Let me share this with you!

Vitamix 5200s Black : Featuring Variable Speed Control and Large Capacity 64oz Container - 

by Vitamix

Price: $468.95

In Stock.
Ships from and sold by OhYeah Trading Company.
23 new from $453.75 1 used from $459.00 you see the starting price new???? This one is on Amazon! It's an amazing blender! Well...This is what I saw on the top shelf at the barn! can see...It has the 2 blender containers. One for dry and one for wet mixing. The blades are different. It also came with the plunger. (that's a whole other story that I'll tell you in a bit)--A total God thing!

So how much do you think they wanted for it??....Would you like to take a guess???? You aren't going to believe this!!

Drum roll please............................................................


That's right......only $5.00!!! Oh my goodness! I had gone in there with $20.00 cash, and that was my budget. With the few other purchases (including tea cups and saucers for Maddie's bright light's group), I was now up to $10.00. So I could afford this gift from the Lord. I call Glenn over in a quiet voice. You see...we had checked out Vita Mix blenders a few years ago, but didn't buy one due to the amount of money! I showed him the blender...still up on the top shelf. still up where God showed it to me....I showed Glenn the brand and the price and Glenn said..."Let's get it!"...and we took it down and bought it. Now Bubba had showed me the black plunger. 
But we had NO idea what it was for. He thought it just randomly came in the box from the auction, and that it went with a meat grinder, so we didn't take it with our purchase. Fast forward. We got home, and I called my friend Louisa, who is also on the new eating plan, and asked her if she'd like to have my food processor, and my blender, and my coffee grinder and I told her about our wonderful find at the Barn. She couldn't believe it! She started telling me her sister in law has a Vita Mix and how wonderful it is! She then mentioned that it also has a special plunger to push the food down, and how great that is! "What???? I said......that was the plunger thingy that Bubba showed me!!!" I was so thankful that I mentioned it to Louisa, and she said that! Thank you God!! So back to the barn Madelyn and I went, and we got the plunger!
 Thank you God! Now about the step stool for Louisa. We didn't find one at the barn. But...Martha had one at home when we brought her home. So...we were able to get that for Louisa, too! What a wonderful day!!! Praise be to God!


Hope Rising Farm said...

And we love the stool! It is perfect...we will have to thank Martha! No more standing on chairs and showing my 2 year old how to use them to get to things he shouldn't! Thank you for thinking of me:)

The Winslow Family of 10 said...

That's awesome Louisa! An answer to prayer for everyone!

R said...

That was an incredible deal. My husband has been wanting a VitaMix forever it seems ... but they are just so pricy! That is an amazing thing getting it for $5. Praise God!