Friday, March 01, 2013

Some Family Fun for You!

This is a pot luck of some of the family fun we've had around here this last week with Glenn home! It's been such a blessing! Take a peek!
 A nice little sink bath for Rosalinda! She's a bit big for these now, but we still love to give them to her! wouldn't be a snow filled winter without Glenn hauling the snowblower out to the side hill and "helping" the kids "build" their sled run! Sooooo much fun!
Guess what?? Rosie enjoyed her first ever time out in the snow! The kids pulled her and Nicole around on the sled and she laughed and laughed! It was awesome! No sled run for her this year, though!
Jon and Nicole are Glenn's best customers down the sled run! They just LOVE it! Last year we didn't get enough snow to have one, but the year before we got plenty of snow, and so Glenn built one. Nicole came to live with us a month or so later, and she would play on that hill every day. She'd come home on the bus and say...."Mom...I want to stay outside! Can Jon come out and sled?"..literally she'd stay out until dark or supper time, whichever came first!

Maddie also gave Jonnie a hair cut this week! This is the before photo!
Some behind the scenes photos of the construction of the sledding hill!

On Thursday night, Elisha was on for dinner. She made a lovely one...she made chicken and biscuit casserole, kale salad, and a 10 egg pound cake for dessert! Wow! It was wonderful! Great job Elisha!

So Rosie loves to help in the kitchen, too, but...she's not allowed in the in this photo she's well......BUSTED!!! The gig is up Rosie! Close the cabinet!

Rosie says..."who me?"..."I wasn't being naughty Mama!"....Hmmmm...How can I get mad??

So.....yesterday morning Glenn says to me..." chest and stomach area hurt!"...and then we figured out it was from pushing the snowblower through the almost 4 feet of snow out in the side yard to make the sled run! No pain no gain! Thanks Glenn!! All of the kiddos say..."Thank you Daddy!"...such a blessing!


R said...

I think J had that exact snowsuit when she was a tiny baby (the blue one with the polar bears)! So cute.

Fun photos all.

The Winslow Family of 10 said...

Thank you so much for the comment R. Actually that snowsuit came from Louisa. So that's really cool!

Hope you all are well! Are you at all missing the snow from all of our snowy posts lately...mine and Louisa's?? Hmmmmmm??

Anyway...we sure do miss you all! Hellos from all of us!