Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our Jonny Boy is Double Digits Now!! Wow!!

Yesterday was a double celebration. We were excited to celebrate Jon's 10th birthday, and also the last snow storm of winter, too! Jon didn't mind at ALL to share his special day with lots of snow!! Below are the preparations the night before!

 Here is Jonny Boy taking off his final ring from his birthday chain that seemed to last a loooonnngggg time!
 Remember how long it was 2 months ago???? It was 59 days until Jon's birthday! That seemed such a long time away...especially to Jonny!

But there he more rings left! The day has actually come!!

 On the menu for Jon?? He was so excited to choose foods from our new THM eating plan!!
Breakfast was...Trim Healthy Pancakes (and yes..I made Jon a giant one, and yes..I snuck in a few chocolate chips, too, for the birthday boy and other kiddos!) and yes...we used our own maple syrup, too! Yum! He also chose grape juice and bacon, too! Yummy!
 Jon talks with Grampa who called from Florida to wish Jon a Happy Birthday!!!
 Oh yes...and I forgot to mention...the muchly anticipated coffee for the birthday boy! Because..what would using the fancy china be like if we couldn't use the coffee cup, too?? Right?
 The whole gang at breakfast!!  Oh yes...and another bonus of the snowy day...Glenn stayed home! Yeah!! Such a blessing!
 After was present opening time!

 Edward helps to read some cards!

 Here he is in some of his camo gear he got for his birthday! Wow! Can you see him now???
 He got a really cool water bottle filled with lots of great survival gear!

 Here he gets a call from his Big Sister Brittany wishing him a Happy Birthday, too! What a popular guy he is!

 For lunch he picked tuna salad, and then some cream pops for dessert! Yum!

 Here are the chunky cream pops...a highly recommended THM recipe!

 shots of the snow! Soooooo beautiful!

 For supper Jon picked cheeseburger pie, a garden salad, oopsie rolls, and peanut squares for dessert! Great choices Jon!

 After supper Jon asked if we could play Uno Roboto. A really fun version of Uno! And...the team of "the busy bees" (Jon and Edward) won! Yeah!!!

 What a blessed day! are an amazing young man, and it is so neat to see God's plans for you in action! I can't believe you are 10! You truly are an amazing part of our family, and we love you sooooo much! (even though by this time next year you'll be MUCH taller than any of us, we predict!)
A fun thing Jon got yesterday are: 2 M.R.Es... which are meals ready to eat! Military issue. He got marinara sauce with meatballs and chicken and dumplings. His plan is to take them to church with us on Sunday and share them with his kindred spirit in military things...Michael Collomy!!! 

Happy 10th Birthday Jon!


Timber said...

I just love how you make the kids' birthdays so special and customized to their tastes! Happy birthday to your son:)

The Winslow Family of 10 said...

Thanks Mel! That means a lot! We LOVE to celebrate birthdays. That when we make a big deal. We don't do commercialized holiday stuff, we like to keep it simple and tailored to the child on their birthday so that we can focus on just them! He's still glowing from it today for sure! That and the fact that a package just came in the mail from Amazon from his big sister Brittany! He'll open it tomorrow!