Tuesday, April 30, 2013


What in the world is BenWinMan???Are you curious?? Well...let me tell you! BenWinMan is a wonderful monthly gathering of our dear friends and their children. The Bennett family and their 8 kids at home, the Lowman family and their 7 kids at home, and us and our 7 kids at home. Put it together and you have 22 kids, and 3 Moms, and BenWinMan(Bennett-Winslow-Lowman) Get it?? So...we had it yesterday, ...... and it was wonderful! We also had Mr. Bennett there as he is on the injured reserve list (ask him about it!), and we had my brother Mike with us yesterday, too! (side note...so Mike wanted to know what BenWinMan was when I told him he was going to go to it with us, so he googled it, and found that he was quite alarmed when some heavily tattooed and pierced men in a rock band came up)...he was quite relieved it was NOT that!

So we headed to the Bennett home yesterday for the event! There as baseball and eating and fellowship, and music and lots of fun! We ended our day by going to the Moore Park in Candia! It was a lovely time had by all! Take a peek! There is also a video of Rosie on the swing! She LOVED the playground! Sorry that I turned my camera sideways...I was filming Rosie and pushing her on the swing, too!

Everyone tried the big red swing! Including Madelyn! Fun!

Uncle Michael was very popular with the littles! Pushing swings....

...and helping them on to the "zip-line!" You could hear the little Lowman kids yelling, "Uncle! Can you push me on the swing?" It was funny! :)

Rosie really loved the slides!

She had a lot to discover!

She had fun swinging!

How many big kids can you fit on a swing?

I'd say this is a full swing! Grace and Naomi!

 We love BenWinMan!

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