Thursday, April 04, 2013

Easter Blessings Abound!

This year we had a bit of a different Easter Sunday. We went to church, of course, and then came home to host Glenn's family here for Easter Dinner. You see, his Mom had to work, and so his Dad called and asked if we'd like to have dinner here. We had Glenn's Dad, (Grampa Jon), and Glenn's sister Meridith, and Glenn's niece Rachael. It was a small group, but we had a wonderful time!

On Easter morning, we were blessed with a really spectacular site! Here it is: are right...that is a Christmas cactus...and chose Easter Sunday to bloom for the first time almost a year! I can't help but stand amazed at God's perfect timing for this single blossom. A reminder of the gift that came to us on Christmas with the birth of Jesus, God's son, our savior. To have my Christmas cactus bloom on resurrection Sunday was just so special to me! A special gift just for us, reminding us that Christ lives! Our Christmas gift is alive and well on resurrection Sunday! Such a blessed symbol! Thank you God! (this cactus was given to me by some dear friends last year after my Mom died---and Easter was one of her favorite celebrations, too!--I'm sure she's smiling in heaven!)

Another blessing was 2 of my beautiful girlies! Madelyn took an old but favorite skirt of hers and made herself a new skirt, and made Rosie a matching jumper. They donned those on Easter Sunday! Just wonderful! Thank you Madelyn!

Another blessing earlier in the week was the wonderful meal prepared by Elisha on Thursday evening. It was the beef and broccoli alfredo, and golden flat bread, a lovely garden salad, and then a family favorite for dessert....peanut squares! Thank you Elisha! This was such a blessing to us!


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