Saturday, April 06, 2013

Okay...So.......The Calendar Says Today is April 5, 2013....RIGHT??????????????

So....yesterday, the outdoor temperature read 56.8 degrees...and after the kids had homeschool recess and jumped on the trampoline, I surprised them with a "drive through" lunch where they came to the slider and they got to pick up their lunch. There was a choice of either ham and cheese quesadillas or the daily special...ham and cheese quesadillas. :) :). It was really funny to see their reaction! Anyway...we decided it was such a NICE day outside we'd eat out doors today on the picnic table. So...take a peek. It was quite an oxi-moron or complete opposite! As you can see that our picnic table is surrounded by our remaining snow!

 Yes..even Rosie joined us. She loves to be outside now that she can walk, and winter is pretty much over, we think..and hope!

 Just had to take this photo below. The ultimate opposite! Sun shining, picnic outdoors, snow on the ground and smoke coming from the chimney! YUP...we had a wood fire that morning as it was below freezing when we got up!
 Sweet sisters!
 You can see...Grace wasn't too keen on being outside. She had her winter coat it was still a bit chilly! She is always cold! It didn't help that we picked all fruit popsicles for dessert! Yes..we are the Spring optimists for sure!

 Rosie LOVED her popsicle! Come Spring...Come!!

 In the background is what is left of the kids' sledding hill that Glenn helped them make!

It truly was a blessed time of fellowship and we certainly got our share of Vitamin D, too! Win/Win!!


R said...

I'm with you, "Come on spring!" :) Love you guys.

The Winslow Family of 10 said...

We love you guys, too, so much!!!!