Monday, April 22, 2013

So Very Proud of my Handsome Alert Cadets and other ramblings...

And so they thought this day might NEVER come! Many, many months of scripture memory, physical training, journaling, and it's finally here! My guys are official alert cadets! Their uniforms came last Thursday afternoon, just in time to wear them to help man the Alert Cadet table at our homeschool conference which was this past Friday and Saturday. We had Major Dagarin staying with us, along with our friend Daniel Kosior, a cadet. So...Mr. Dagarin, and Daniel helped them Thursday night when they arrived with all of the ironing, and starching and ironing and starching! To me..oh my..there is NOTHING like my guys in a uniform! Wow! It just jazzed me right up!!

It's all about fathers drawing the hearts of their sons to them! So precious!
Left to right:  Major Dagarin, Edward, Jon, and Daniel Kosior.

Manning the alert table at the conference!
Madelyn and Grace---a.k.a.---Hope Filled Harmony--had their first concert performance Friday night of our homeschool conference. They did a wonderful job!

Ending this post with Rosie...she just LOVED having our house guests, especially Daniel!

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