Monday, April 22, 2013

Sign Language and Natural Horsemanship Classes

This Spring semester we took some wonderful classes from a wonderful homeschool Mom named Debby Jelly. In March we took 4 wonderful weeks of sign language classes with Debby. The kids LOVED it! We had started a sign language class last year with a young girl from our area, and she couldn't complete the classes. It was such a blessing when Debby wrote that she'd love to give classes to anyone interested. We signed right up! It was wonderful!

Next she sent out an email that she would like to offer natural horsemanship classes to anyone interested. She has 3 rescues. One is a pony and 2 are miniature horses. She offered the classes right at her home. We were the only ones to sign up! We had 2 wonderful weeks of horsemanship classes to include education on feeding and care, grooming the horses, and then leading them and walking them, and Rosie even rode one!  Did you know that natural horsemanship is using just a flick of the rope, and a voice command, no bit is needed! It's quite amazing! Her horses are trained soooo well! It was great! After each horsemanship class we would go on her back deck and practice our sign language! It was wonderful! Take a peek!

Meet Chico!

This is Scotty, the pony.

Rosie liked Scotty!

This is Rory, the other mini. He's been really sick, and needs to wear special boots.  He's so sweet.

On the back deck for sign language practice!

On our second class, the kids took the horses for a walk.

Jon and Nicole enjoyed time with Rory!

Rosie loved her ride on Chico. She wasn't sure what to think at first, though! This was her first pony ride!

Thank you Debby! We all had a wonderful time! Oh..and did I mention..she wanted to do all of these classes for free?? Sooooo nice!

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R said...

Yay! We are starting up sign language classes with a friend of ours in the coming school year. Love it!