Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Our Return to the Sky Light Dining Room!!

We have been so blessed in the past to share a meal with family and friends at the Sky Light Dining room which is part of Kingswood High School's culinary arts program. All of the meals are planned, cooked, presented, and served by high school students!

Yesterday we met my Dad there for our semi-annual get together. This time it was to say our goodbyes as he is leaving for Florida on November 9th. A huge blessing to us is that Brittany and the girls got to join us yesterday! We all had a great time! Take a peek!

 The specials of the day! They also had a full menu of other options! Sooooo yummy!
 A table for 14 please!!

 Grampa visits with our littlest lunch guest...Miss Annalie Beatrice!
 We had a wonderful waitress. She did a great job!
 The little girlies had fun after lunch "visiting!"

We love you bunches Grampa Dave!!! We'll miss you, but we are so thankful for facetime where we can "chat" with you many times a week!

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