Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yes they are all ours!!

So...we just started reading this book by the Boyer family:

Written by the parents of twelve homeschooled children. This gives us a glimpse into what life is like for a big family of fourteen people. You will laugh with the Boyers as humerous events take shape and gain an insight into child training, family planning, and home education. If you love children, this book will help you celebrate the uniqueness of every family.

This is a wonderful book, and very funny, too! We've loved it so far!

And wouldn't you know, yesterday when we were dining at the Skylight Dining Room, we were asked that very question!! It was so cool! I love answering that question, and sharing about God's faithfulness in our lives as we serve Him! I could actually say, too, with joy, that ALL of my kiddos were there this day! Yeah!!! (and of course I always tell about our 2 lovies joining us very soon!). Madelyn is in the process of writing up a family tract that I can hand out when I get asked this question while out and about! Can't wait for that! Anyway...just had to share!

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