Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rejoice with Us!!!

Join us in rejoicing and praising God from who ALL blessings flow!!!
We received this email this morning:

Dear Winslow Family,

Your dossier was officially approved and the verbal referral issued yesterday at the IAC meeting!!! Now, you are waiting on the signature required on the referral so that you can receive travel dates. As long as these signed within the next few weeks, you will for sure travel before the end of the year. Toni's goal is to have you there in December, possibly sooner if the signature comes quickly.


Join us in praying for God's perfect timing for this first trip!!! Hang on dear sweet Zoey and Little Eddie! We are coming for you our precious children!!!!



Lisa and Dave said...

I didn't see an email to contact you. Your family is very inspiring and I had a few questions for you if you have a minute to email me We are looking to adopt a special needs child. Thanks Lisa

Tracy said...

Exciting!!! We'll be praying. <3

Melissa said...

YAY!! Have you gotten the written referral yet? I am planning on having Gotcha in December, maybe we will be there together!

The Winslow Family of 10 said...

Howdy Melissa!
We don't have a written referral yet, but hopefully soon. They hope to have us travel before year end! We'd LOVE to be there with you!