Wednesday, October 30, 2013

God says..."Just ask!!"...

God tells us to just ask Him...NOTHING is too small of a request. 

Well...God answered my prayers in 2 ways this past week that I just had to share with you.

Many of you know that we've been praying for wood chips, and God answered our prayers in two really great ways. You can read about that HERE: Back To Eden Gardening.

Well...this is really quite amazing. Just last week, the Northern Tree Company was doing some tree work on our road and a nearby road for Public Service. Glenn stopped by to chat, and they told him they'd be happy to deliver an entire tractor trailer truck load of wood chips right to our driveway! Wow...and that's exactly what they did!

Another prayer request I had was for a supply of apples to make applesauce that my family loves this time of year. Well...we found them! A bushel bag of drop apples for 7.50!!! That's incredible! Bring on the apple sauce!!! Yippee!!

Thanking the Lord for His perfect provision at His perfect time!

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Tracy said...

Praise the Lord!! That looks like a bag from Apple View. Is it? I've been getting drops from them this fall for the same price. :D We're all hittin' the sauce over here. ;)