Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tractor Ride Anyone?

Yesterday found Glenn home from work a bit early for this big job he's on, and so that means only one thing!! Enjoy the beauty of this wonderful stretch of weather and get some things done around the yard! This started with getting a burn permit on the way home, and burning some much needed debris. Also... So...Glenn happened upon a tree company on our road doing some chipping. He stopped and chatted with them to find out that they were MORE than willing to give us the chips and deliver them right to our yard! Wow! So Glenn needed to prepare and move some things out of the way for the delivery coming early next week! Thank you Lord for your provision! As you know, we are doing the Back To Eden garden plan. Read more about it

So this is such an amazing blessing from the Lord! Anyway...Glenn just loves his garden tractor.  "She" now has a plow attachment, and that is just...well...great for Glenn! Sometimes he spends sooooo much time with "her" I have been known to refer to "her" as: "the other woman", in a loving way of course!

Rosie got to take her first tractor  ride on Gertrude last night as Glenn worked on his projects! 

Such fun! Such memories! Rosie said..."Daddy, BIG tractor!"...and for Glenn, such a boost. through the eyes of a child!

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Maureen Huizinga said...

Nice :) Tractor rides are especially popular here too!