Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Cooking for a Month--Round two!!! Let the fun begin!!!

So last night, Glenn, Elisha, Grace, and I did our big grocery shopping for another round of cooking for a month! 30 different recipes this time! Soooo exciting! Today has been our cooking day. We are almost done! Many hours sooner than last month! Yeah! We did start at 6:15 this morning, though, so that has helped greatly!
Our shopping trip!

It's here! The big cooking day!

A bright and early start!

Had some new helpers this time!

Our before photo!

Pause for family Bible time!

Looking good at 8:00!

Breakfast with Maddie before she leaves for work!

Let the chopping begin!

Our first recipe!


Just love Grace's apron! She LOVES shoes...funny thing is...

She has no shoes on! Guess I might have to "pay" her in shoes! I just heard of some awesome shoe deals in Bulgaria! Hmmmm...

It's 4:00 and our supper is ready! Tortellini soup is what was selected! Yum!

Okay..so we are doing the beef meals now! We are on the home stretch! Yeah!!! I'll post more later!
All to prepare for our big trip! The kids won't go hungry, that's for sure!

Okay..here are the final shots of the day!

A freezer filled with 30 meals, and a day of fun fellowship with my girlies. Now that is a good day's work for sure and for certain!

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