Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Home Renovation Fun, Marlie's Birthday, Baby chicks arrive, and other random musings to get caught up!

 It's sooo exciting! Our stairs are going to be finished! Hooray! We are also going to have hard wood floors in the living room, kitchen, and hall way! God is soooo good! **note: of course it truly does help to be married to one of the most gifted carpenters around! Thank you Glenn! We'll keep you posted on the progress!

Grace tries her hand at drilling!

So...when life gives you snow?? Make a snow baby! That's what Rosie did! Her name is Wendy! (with Elisha's help of course!)

 On Saturday we celebrated our precious granddaughter Marlie's 3rd birthday! Wow..where does the time go??

 Her Daddy made this wonderful banner at his work! Cool, huh?

Annie loved trying to feed Rosie her cake!

Marlie got a new bike for her birthday! What a big girl!

 And..on Tuesday we got a VERY special delivery---27 chicks!! Never had them delivered through the mail before. Such a blessing!

 Nothing like new life in the house to make it feel like Spring!

 Rosie was soooo excited..she kept running around saying:  "Baby chicks are here! Baby chicks are here!"

They are doing really well! So..there you have it folks! I'm up to date on my photos and posting them on my blog! Enjoy!!

Thank you, too, for continuing to pray for our adoption! Our flights are booked and we are ready to go! 2 weeks from this Friday!

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Your chicks are so cute!