Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stiched with LOVE!!!

Matthew 18:20 says:
For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them."

One of the families in our church had been given a lot of wonderful fabric. My dear friend Christine said to me...."Would you like it if the ladies of our church got together and made some quilts for the orphans for you to take with you when you go back?"...oh my..would I..."YES!! I would!!" is what I said!!  

So....this past Sunday, the ladies young and old of our church gathered together after lunch to sew some quilts for us to take to Bulgaria with us on our next trip! The time flew by as we sorted fabric, picked colors, cut out 6 inch squares, and sewed, sang, prayed, and yes..did a little bit of seem ripping, too. 

In the end, 3 hours later, we had 5 quilt tops completely done! There are 5 more waiting to be sewed, too! There is a woman who runs a quilting ministry that may be willing to machine quilt them for us, as well! It was an amazing blessing from the Lord, and a wonderful thing to do in our time of "waiting", which can be so hard!!! Take a peek at our afternoon!

We worked in Gran's basket room! Thank you Christine!!

We selected our fabric and it got cut into strips!

Once cut, our "resident expert" helped us lay them out just so!

Young and old comprised our team! Here is Grace and Lydia!

No quilting team would be complete without our ironers!

We had 3 sewing machines going at once!

Everyone had sooo much fun picking out different designs!

Here's a finished one help up by Grace!

This was Amie's first time ever making a quilt! She did awesome!

Grace even enjoyed trying on the fabric!

2 quilt tops complete! Wow!

Here's another one!

And another one done!

Here are 5 more ready to sew! We'll meet again in 2 weeks!

Our five completed tops hung upstairs!

Here's the remaining crew still there at closing time!

Our littlest quilter taking a much needed rest!

This was such a blessing to my heart! We'll put a small signature on the back of each quilt to let people know who made them and where we are from! It was such an encouragement to be active and do something productive while we wait and wait! Thank you ladies! We love you!

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Looks like you all had fun!