Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Pinewood Derby Style Race Car Rally---plus--Glenn Winslow and his gang--equals--tons of fun and lots of speed!!! :) :) :)

 So our friends the Freeman family invited us to take part in their church's race car rally. It's similar to a pinewood derby race.  We went a few weeks ago to design and cut out our cars (and Glenn brought his tools and expertise and helped out with that for the whole group).  Then we brought them home, spiffed them up, and ran them through our "inspector general" a.k.a. Glenn/Dad, got them weighed to the maximum of 5 ounces or 141.7 grams, and brought them last Friday night to the big race!! It was an amazing evening of family fun and excitement and best of all, we got to all be there together! There is something super sweet when we can have family time all together! Check it out!

So here is an example of our big weigh in! This is Jon's car. He needed to have many grams of weight added!

This is my car that I named "Frank". Part of the fun was being judged on creativity, and you could add other things to your display for the judges. It was neat!

This is Nicole's car...the "super watermelon!"

Here is Jon's car named Voltage. In his display he had a little race car clock and a sign that said, "Time to Race!"

This is Edward's truck that he named, "Rust Bucket"

This is Elisha's creation..a subject very near and dear to her heart that she named:  The Pen-Pal Express!

And this is Grace's car, The "Scarlet Pimpernel"!

Let the racing begin! 

There were 48 cars total and every car got to race on each color lane one time. Rosie loved checking out the race track!

 After the 48 cars all raced in different heats, they selected the top 24. Guess what?? All Winslow cars made it this far! Wow!!! (by the way..Maddie was able to make it for the race and so she raced my car!)

 Here is the presentation of the design awards! Elisha received a judges choice for her design!

 Now the field is narrowed down to 8 cars, and Madelyn and Nicole are in the top 8!!

 Then on to the fabulous 4, and Maddie and Nicole are still in it! Wow!

 Coming in first place for speed out of the 48 cars....Nicole and the watermelon! Madelyn was a close 2nd with "Frank"!!! note:  Nicole's car didn't even finish the first heat in the first race, and she was in tears! What a come back!!!

All of the award winners of the night!

 There were yummy refreshments in the pit crew area, too! Best of all, though, the gospel was presented!! Such a blessing!
 Just had to put in a photo of the 2 sets of twins! Edward and Elisha and Mary and Orin Freeman! The same ages, too!

 Photos of the kids and their cars the next day! Everyone did great! Can't wait for next year!

 Thank you Freeman family! We had a blast!!!


Abigail Caple said...

Your family looks like so much fun! I want to be related to you! <3,Abbie

Winslow Gang said...

Hi Abbie! Consider yourself related to us!! Please!! We want you in our family!! When you come home we'd LOVE to have you come and visit!!!

Our love and hugs from NH!!

Abigail Caple said...

Oh, I would SOOO love to! Love you!