Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We are Bulgaria Bound Once Again!

"As cool water to a thristy soul, so is good news from a far away land!"  Proverbs 25:25


We just got our travel dates to go and meet our precious JoyAnna!  Praising the Lord today! We will arrive in Sofia, Bulgaria and the 15th of March, and get to meet her on the 17th! We'll visit with her from the 17th, through the 19th, and then head back to Sofia and fly home around the 21st. 

We'll keep you posted!!!


Hope Rising Farm said...

Yippee for you!

Ruth Gossner said...

Hooray, that's wonderful news! :-) Will you be able to see Jerry on this trip, or just JoyAnna? I know they are not in the same orphanage, but are they close together?
So good to have travel dates! :-)

Winslow Gang said...

Hi Ruth! Thank you for the comment. No, unfortunately, Jerry's orphanage and Zoey's are REALLY far apart, so it's not possible. That's okay, though, as I think it would confuse Jerry a bit to have us come in and come out! Yavor told him on our meeting trip that we would be back when the snow was gone, and so he's in a wonderful place and we feel that he'll be okay! Love you!