Monday, February 10, 2014

"What do we do to make the wait easier?"--A question often asked of us!

One of our MOST frequently asked questions is this very one. What to do in the waiting! Yes..the waiting is the hardest part! It truly is. During this difficult time though, we have grown closer to God, each other, and our dear friends!

Truly..."we get by with a little help from our friends!!"  An example of that is our invitation to go rollerskating with our dear friends and fellow homeschoolers last Friday. Yes...we drove to Portland, Maine in order to do it, but it was so worth it! Because...we got to go to our friend's home for lunch, and then follow them there, be blessed by having fellowship with like minded people, and then head back to our friend's home for supper! This was so much fun, and a way to get our mind off of the wait! Thank you Collomy family! We had a wonderful time! We love you!

 Yes..Rosie even roller skated!

 Rosie even met a new friend about her age. His name was Isaac!

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