Saturday, January 16, 2010

Grace is Featured on WMUR--News 9

Young Girl Waits To Hear From Birth Mother In Haiti

CENTER BARNSTEAD, N.H. -- Many more families are still anxious to hear from loved ones, including some here in New Hampshire. In Center Barnstead, a Haitian adoptee is eagerly awaiting word from her birth mother.
The Winslow family of Center Barnstead adopted Grace from Haiti when she was 9, and also Jon, who was 2.
While Jon's birth family is from a part of the country left relatively untouched by the earthquake, Grace's mother, Mimose Lubin, lives in Delmas -- one of the hardest-hit areas.
She is still waiting to hear if her mother or any of her family in the country are safe.
Mary Winslow said the family is finding hope in the little things they know -- like the fact that Mimose has a one-story apartment, which might have been survivable in a collapse.

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