Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please Pray for Haiti!

Here are some actual photos from the devastation and the digging out. The presidential palace was destroyed as pictured below.

Please pray for Haiti.
As many of you have heard, our dear Haiti was shaken by a massive 7.0 earthquake yesterday followed by a 5.9 and 5.5 after shock, causing massive devastation and panic. Our prayers go out to the people of this dear country. We have received word that Bresma 1, Bresma 2 (Grace and Jon's orphanages that they came from), are all okay, along with all of the workers and precious children. Praise the Lord!!! This is nothing short of a miracle, these orphanages are just off of Delmas, which the news says has more houses down than standing. Please pray for Grace's mother, Mimose, her brother Junior and her sister Rebecca. Their small apartment is located just off of the main road in Delmas. Communications are cut off now as all of the towers have been destroyed. So far there has been no word from Grace's Mom and her siblings. Grace's biological sister Magnalie that lives in Mass. with the Kangas family are monitoring this and trying desperately to make some connections to find out if Grace's family are okay. Of course Grace is worried and very shaken by this. She thanks you all for your prayers. Jon's family all live in Petionville which has not been affected by this that we know of.

We learned, too, that St. Joseph's Home for boys was completely destroyed. This was a wonderful mission. We visited this mission on our first trip to Haiti. We also learned that other orphanages have sustained great damage, too. There was a hospital destroyed. The main road in Delmas that we refer to as the "crazy road" is completely destroyed. We learned that although they haven't mentioned a death toll, they are lining the bodies up on the streets. It is hard to feel so helpless to this terrible situation, but we are encouraged to know that we can pray, and trust that others will join us.

We learned today at the state house that the Hope Ship, the 1,000 bed hospital ship is enroute there. For this we are thankful.

We promise to keep you posted. If you want to keep up to date with people that are actually in Haiti, you can keep track of this on twitter at this link:

Please join us as we pray for Grace's family and the many, many, other people, families, and ministries that gave been so devastated. Please pray for the many details of continued food and water delivery, safety, etc.
We will continue to update you if we receive more information.
Here are some more photos:
This is Grace's family. Mimose, Grace, Jr., and Rebecca. These were taken on our first visit to Haiti in 2004.
Grace's Mom, Mimose, doing Grace's hair.
Scenes from Haiti. The first one is our driver going down Delmas, "crazy street".

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Melissa said...

We have been praying since we heard the news. I didn't know you had a blog. Thank you for sharing it to tell others about Haiti.