Saturday, January 09, 2010

Thank you Dave Menard and Menard Painting!!

Menard Painting Corp.206 Eaton Road Pittsfield, NH 03106
Tel: 603-622-3097 Fax: 603-232-9265
Check out some of Dave's other wonderful projects! His company will service ALL of your painting needs!

This past Fall, Glenn and his friend Dave Menard worked out a barter. Glenn helped Dave with his new garage, and Dave came and painted our house! It's now a beautiful new color! He did it all in one day! It was awesome! Most of you know how our house looked before. The new color is yellow and it's just beautiful!


It makes our home look sooooo much bigger! We just love it!

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Melissa said...

The home looks beautiful! I love the cheery yellow color, great choice!