Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Off to the State House We Go!

Today was a spontaneous field trip day. We learned two days ago that some opponents of homeschooling in NH under the current law were trying to get House Bill 368 which has been recommended to be ITL (inexpedient to legislate) last Fall, overturned, and not ITL anymore.

The bill had been on the consent calendar for today, their first day back in session for the new year. That meant that it would be voted with a big bunch of ITL bills all at once and be not an issue. Well...some folks decided that they wanted to get it on the regular calendar for individual voting because it was a 14-6 vote and not unanimous. And...they were able to do just that. So...there was a call put out to homeschoolers to go and meet and greet legislators on their way in to the hall by holding signs outside the state house. We decided to take up the call and go!
I announced at breakfast this morning that we were doing a service project today. The kids were VERY excited! We set about making signs and headed on our way to Concord to brave the cold and wind.

Brrrrrr......the kids were troopers as we braved the cold!
This was a wonderful experience for the kids. We had attended the hearing last year where over 1,200 homeschool families attended. That was incredible! You could have heard a pin drop. We were able to meet a wonderful homeschool friendly representative from Carroll County district 5 named Dino Scala. He spent a long time talking with us all outside and even came back out to tell us that the bill had been separated out and would be taken up by itself. Thank you Dino! You were an answer to our prayers!
The kids with Rep. Dino Scala. Thank you soooo much! 10:00 we got a reprieve from the cold and went into the hall to hear some of the session. The kids thought it was really interesting! To see the voting and see the votes light up in green for yes votes and red for no votes. At one point Maddie and Grace said..."Mom...why can't everyone just agree and get along?"...Hmmm...good question girls!
So...they didn't get to our bill today. It will be voted on next Wednesday, January 13th. We hope to try and go again and see how it all turns out! Please pray for it to remain ITL! We'll keep you posted! Being able to go to these is another wonderful benefit of homeschooling! We love to be hands on!

It was another full house today!

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