Saturday, January 23, 2010

Just Ask!

Luke 11:9---"Ask and it shall be given unto you....."

I just love my sweet hubby for so many reasons. Today I made a request. I said..."Honey....I would love some sort of a drying rack to be able to hang the mittens and gloves from. They don't stay on the wooden clothes rack, and when we put them on the hearth they are too close to the fire."...

"Okay,", says my sweetie..."I'm on the job"...and so he went outside and walked the property searching for the perfect tree that he could turn into my request. He cut it down, shaped it, and peeled all of the bark off. He brought it in and screwed it into the wall near the woodstove. And is my drying rack:

Isn't it great? I just love it! I can even use it in the summer time to dry herbs and flowers! Thank you Glenn! I love you!

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Tracy said...

Love it!! Great Job, Glenn!