Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sweet Victory in NH for Homeschooling!

Oh the victory was so sweet today at our state house. We started the day outside at 8:30 am. It was 9 degrees, and windy. The crowd was much larger than last week and we were so encouraged. At one point the homeschool community created a "walkway" that the incoming legislators had to go through. They blocked off any alternate way to enter the building. So we were able to meet and greet many of the reps on their way in. We were cheerful and simply asked them to Vote ITL on 368 and support homeschooling. Many, many of them were so excited to see us all. Some of the reps even took pictures of the group. That was neat!

This time we were encouraged to have signs that said our district number and town on them. So that the reps could see..."oh my...there are some of my constituents here...hmmmm...I'm being held accountable!"....One woman had a sign that said: "Yes I homeschool, and Yes I vote, need I say more?!" That was good!

Some signs were simple, yet spoke this one below. A stop sign with 368 on it. Nothing more needed there!

Then at 9:45 we went inside for the session which began at 10:00. Oh my...there was soooo much debate for the bills leading up to ours that we were very concerned. It was 12:00 noon and our bill went on the floor. A call was put out for the author of the bill...Judith Day, and she wasn't there. The vote was given. It was a roll call vote which means that each and every vote went on the record. So you can log on and see who the 34 reps were who voted against it. It was 324 in favor of the ITL and 34 against it. It was great. A huge cheer erupted in the gallery and the speaker of the house said..."now homeschoolers, here is a civics lesson for you today. we have strict rules of protocol here in the house and one of them is that there is to be no demonstrations of any kind once a vote has been made." was cute that we had a small civics lesson of manners in that way!

We walked out a bit lighter on our feet and encouraged in the Lord! Truly feeling that there is something to our state motto..."Live Free or Die" least until the next legislative session begins. Don't stop praying!

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Tracy said...

Haha!! Great civics lesson!! We missed the session, but I'll bet it was a fantastic memory for your family. We hung out outside mostly, greeting the reps. It was cold, but we're so glad we had a tiny part in it. After 2 years of work, this is a HUGE praise and weight off of all of our shoulders!