Saturday, June 02, 2012

A Fun Family Day of Fellowship!

On Saturday of Memorial Day weekend we had a wonderful family day of fellowship!!
The morning started off with a visit from the 5 M's. Matt, Miriam, Maggie, Max, and McCoy. I couldn't resist doing a photo shoot of the littlest cousins meeting for the first time!

 Then we were off to a cookout at A. France's camp! Yup...she was up for an over night....she's 104 and a half! Crazy! We joined Bruce and Tammy, and Nicole and her husband Josh, Sam and her boyfriend and Arthur and Cindy and their boys. It was a wonderful day!

Aunt Frances...curlers and all! Not bad for 104!!! 

 We had a wonderful afternoon with a pot luck cookout followed by lots of swimming and a camp fire after supper with s'mores!!! Yum!

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