Monday, June 25, 2012

Oh How We Love Rosie....Oh How We Love Rosie!!!

Can you believe that our dear miracle baby Rosie is 5 months old? She is doing great!!

On her 5 month birthday on the 21st of June, we had her interlocutory hearing for her adoption. Interlocutory means:  of a decree or judgment) Given provisionally during the course of a legal action. This was Rosie's preliminary adoption hearing. Her final hearing will be sometime in September.

On one of the hottest days of the year so far...with record breaking temps around 100 degrees, we trekked to Nashua district court for her hearing.

Here we all sat outside the courtroom waiting to be called in. A lovely family that was also waiting took this photo of us.

 We were so excited to be called in. We met the judge and he was very moved by our whole family. We could tell that we were such an encouragement to him. Of course during a given day, he sees much devastation and destruction in families, so to meet us and see how God has grown our family was a HUGE blessing to him!

As the judge looked out at our whole family he asked us some questions:

Judge:  "So Mr. must have a job where you make a LOT of money, right?"

Glenn:  "No your honor, I don't make a lot of money, I'm just a simple carpenter."

Judge:  "Hmmm...okay then Mr. Winslow, tell me must live in a really BIG house, right?"

Glenn:  "No your honor, actually, we live in a very modest sized cape!"

Judge:  "Well then, you must be ready to say...this is the last child, right?"

Glenn:  "Well your honor....I'm going to have to wait on God and see!"

Judge:  "Will there ever be a time when you'll say enough children?"

Glenn:  "No, your honor, as I figure it, I'll let God decide that."

Judge:  "So Glenn, until you take your last breath, you'll be "planting corn" in the adoption field it seem, right?"

Glenn:  "Yes, your honor, that's right."

Judge:  "Okay Winslows...I must tell you that I'm thankful for all that you do!"

Mary:  "Thank you your honor, and we must tell you, that we serve a mighty God!"

Our attorney: "Your honor, I must tell you this. When I first met the Winslow family, I told them that they were crazy for wanting to adopt more children as they already had 6 at home! They told me that they came to see me for a reason, and that they were fine with adding more children to their home.  Then I found out that they didn't have much money, either, but they told me that this didn't matter at all. I told them that I NEVER get NH babies, and they said they'd just pray. Then, I called them about this beautiful little gal sitting here with them right now, and they said Yes, they would step out in faith and agree to take this baby when no one else would take her! Your honor, they stepped out in faith and here they are today, with this gorgeous little girl sitting here in front of you! It's been an amazing miracle! Throughout this short process, they have sent me cards and gifts of encouragement explaining to me how they are doing this and why!

Glenn and Mary (to ourselves)--"Oh my goodness...did you just hear what Margaret the attorney said? She really has been listening to us and hearing our testimony and reading the cards and letters we've been sending her! Oh are sooooo good! Now not only the judge, but the bailiff and the court clerk have heard this as well! Grow those seeds that have been planted today God! Please grow them right up! This has been an amazing day so far!"

Judge:  "Well Winslow family, I declare the interlocutory adoption hearing for Rosalinda Marguerite Winslow complete and final. Her final adoption hearing will be in September. You can either come to it as a family, or have your attorney represent you here. Either one is fine."

Winslows:  "Oh your honor, we'd LOVE to come, and we'd love to bring some other families in support as well! We love to go to each others' adoptions!"

Judge:  "That will be very nice! Now tell me, who wants a picture up here with me behind the bench?"

Winslows:  "We do!!"

Judge:  "Okay, we'll start with Glenn and Mary and Rosie first."

Bailiff:  "Oh my your honor, we may need to build a balcony to fit such a large family up here with you!"

Mary:  "Your honor...have you ever had this many family members up here at one time?"

Judge:  "No, this is by far the largest family I've seen in an adoption hearing!"

Winslow family:  "Thank you so much, your honor! See you in September!"

We rejoiced all the way home, praising God for how He has orchestrated this amazing adoption journey, every step of the way!

On the way home, the girls thought it funny to create our very own "little rascal"!

Later that day when we came home, we had fun with a photo shoot with Rosie and the baby goats! Oh how she LOVES the baby goats! She laughs and laughs. It's so much fun!

"Come here Blackie, I just want to give you a big kiss!"

We are so blessed we continue to stand amazed! Thank you Lord!



R said...

Praise God! He is so good! I love hearing about Rosie's adoption story. I wish we were still out there to come with you to court in September, too. We'll be there in the Spirit!

The Winslow Family of 10 said...

Thank you so much! It's wonderful to hear from you! Please keep in touch! I loved looking at your blog! We miss you guys soooooo much! Grace really misses S.!!!

Love the Winslows