Wednesday, February 20, 2013

3 Years Today! What a Blessing!

 1 Samuel 1:27 says:  
"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of Him."

Today marks three years. On February 20th, 2010, we were blessed with Edward and Elisha joining our family! Totally a blessing from the Lord. What an incredible encouragement they have been. A little over 3 years ago, Edward and Elisha's foster Mom said to God..."God..this is a tall order, but I need for you to provide a Christian adoptive home for Edward and Elisha!"...and of He LOVES to do, so no man can take credit for it...He did just that!"....He picked us for them!

So tonight we celebrated their 3 year "gotcha" anniversary. We had our normal taco lentils and rice that we have on Wednesday nights (a family favorite), and then Edward and Elisha made black bean cupcakes. They are flourless and without sugar, and totally wonderful!

Take a peek at our celebration:

 Elisha and Edward prepared the cupcakes!

 We even chatted with Grampa on facetime before we had our supper! See him in the background on the laptop.
 Elisha serves up taco lentils and rice! Yum!

 Rosie LOVED the cupcakes! They made a special on just for her!
Thank you Lord for bringing Edward and Elisha into our home. It's been amazing to see how You are raising up princesses and warriors for your kingdom in our family! We stand amazed!


R said...

I love hearing about your wonderful family! :) Congratulations on three years.

The Winslow Family of 10 said...

Thank you so much R!! We love to hear from you, too!

Hope Rising Farm said...

Yeah for Edward and Elisha....just ran across your adoption photos and can't believe how much you have grown! It seems as if you have been Winslows all your life because God gave you a perfect fit in your family! Love you guys! The Lowman's

The Winslow Family of 10 said...

Thanks Lowman family! It's such a blessing to us to see how God has built our family in the last 3 years! Incredible blessings even in the midst of our greatest trials! We love you, too!