Thursday, February 21, 2013

That was then....this is now!!! I just had to share then and now photos of Edward and Elisha...many of you are NOT going to believe it! Even as Glenn and Madelyn and I were just looking at the photos...we were amazed! Wow!!! I think they need to stop growing now...okay God???? :) :)

Then...our first overnight with Edward and Elisha in January 2010. We had just met them over Christmas vacation. Look at them...look at how little they were!! Now they tower over us!

 This is our traditional "couch" photo that we take with all of our kiddos placed with us. We were headed to church with them that morning and then they went back to their foster home.

 Below is their adoption photo. That was in November of 2010. By then we'd been placed with baby Paxton. He attended their adoption hearing! What a joyous day!
 This is their Grampa Howie that came to the adoption and their great Auntie Belle. She's a wonderful Christian woman and had been praying for them since they were born! We know her really well, and she praised God that He put them in our family! Such a blessing!
And this is them now...getting our Christmas tree in December! Part of our family as thought they've always been here! We truly can't imagine our lives without them! We love you guys!! God has a way of hand picking children just for us! It's amazing!

By the way....I would be remiss if I didn't mention Nicole's gotcha day. We celebrated 2 years with her on February 3rd! Incredible!
That was then---age 5.

This is now--age 7

As she sings Jesus Loves Me and ministers with the gospel at the nursing home ministry last month!

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