Saturday, February 02, 2013

More Dinner Delights!

So....on Thursday night Elisha delighted everyone with the wonderful recycling of Edward's barbequed pork roast into Pork Fried Rice! Everyone LOVED it!! Me....I enjoyed a delicious Mean Green Juice. (Down 3 lbs this week, by the way...week number 1--7 days of the juicing reboot! Yeah!--tons more energy and all, too!--Okay..I promise to do my own blog post about this! As of today..I'm on day 9 and loving it!)

So that was Thursday night. Tonight, Saturday night, was Madelyn's turn. She actually ended up making a triple batch of her dinner tonight. We stole her recipe from Heavenly Homemaker. She posts her weekly menu each week, and we loved the sound of this! Make ahead Cheesy Beef and Rice . She made one for our dinner tonight, and then one for church lunch tomorrow, and one for a family in need of meals! Such a blessing! We were also given 5 huge heads of cauliflower today. So.....we steamed it up, and then she served some "smashed" with parmesean cheese. It was yummy, too! She is making 2 huge garden salads tomorrow morning. One for church and the other for the family. She also made a loaf of homemade bread for the family, too. She'll add some of Elisha's now famous peanut butter honey truffles, too, a fruit salad, and viola! A gluten free and dairy free meal for our dear friends! (we adjusted the beef casserole to have dairy free cheese and sour cream and lactose free milk).

Okay...little side note...did you notice how much I LOVE the little linky feature thing?? Isn't that soooo cool? So...all these 7 years I've been blogging...give or take...I NEVER knew that little 4 letter word at the top of my tool bar was to do that. I always admired how people did that and wondered about it, but now I know, and I LOVE It!!! :) :)

As a side note....we had so much cauliflower left over that we were able to convince Edward that  he should make cauliflower and cheese soup for his meal on Monday instead of broccoli and cheese soup in a bread bowl. We'll still have the bread bowls, but just a different soup. He agreed! Yeah!

So...this has been soooo much fun, and everyone is doing a great job! I'm training myself right out of a job here, which is wonderful, and will be soooo helpful to me when our two new kiddos arrive!

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