Saturday, February 16, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a lovely Valentine's Day. We spent it at Rumney Bible Conference for NH Homeschool Snow Days! We spent the whole day there! Take a peek!

Oh..before we left...Rosie decided she wanted to start on a knitting project! Hmmmm...what are you wanting to knit Rosie??

Happy Valentine's Day Rosie!

We all enjoyed a lovely Valentine's breakfast and opened our treat bags!

All bundled up at Rumney!

We took the bus to the tubing hill!
For some homeschooled was their first time on a bus! What fun!

Thanks for holding Rosie Karen!!

We were treated to a lovely Valentine's dinner followed by a concert!

I even finished my crocheted market bag while I was there! A lovely day indeed!

 We were even able to have our monthly BenWinMan event that day, too! Yeah! Thank you Rumney for a memory making wonderful day!!

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R said...

I saw Hope Rising's pictures, too. Looks like a great weekend with a lot of fun and good memories being made. :)