Saturday, February 09, 2013

Blessings of the Blizzard of 2013

Yes...we are in the midst of a blizzard. Our first in a VERY long time! (Hey...didn't our kids pray for snow for our upcoming homeschool snow days at Rumney on Valentine's day next week? Yup they did!) (Hey...didn't our friend Willy pray for snow for snowmobiling, too? Yup..he did!) So...God has blessed us abundantly and answered their prayers!

How are we blessed?? We are blessed that Glenn is feeling better and was able to go out and snow blow this morning. We are blessed, too, that the boys were happy to go out and help! We are blessed that Madelyn and Elisha were able to help out our elderly neighbors and shovel for them, too! We are blessed by the beauty of the snow! It truly is beautiful! We are blessed that we still have power, too!

This is the view from the slider at 6:00 this morning! The cats did NOT want to go out! When I put Grace's cat out this morning, he disappeared in the snow!

The boys suited up to shovel an area to put the cats out.

Rosie says..."Hey boys..I'll help you!!!"

You can see how deep the snow is here.

I'm sure I'll post more snow pictures later. It's still coming down at a good clip. At 7:00 this morning there was 19 inches. There is probably close to 22 or 23 now. I'll keep you posted!

So...with power still on, and everyone feeling better after a week of sickness, what do we do on this snowy Saturday indoors?? Laundry is a great place to start!

Rosie says.."Hey..I'll help with the laundry!"...."Let me just hitch a ride in the clothes hamper!"

Enjoy the day everyone!


Hope Rising Farm said...

Didn't know your gang was feeling bad too...isn't it fun? The snow is beautiful and just slowing down here at 12:15 with the snow...a few hours earlier than predicted! We are making soup...mmmm tastes better with the scenery out the doorway!

R said...

These pictures are great! Love seeing all the snow. Love seeing them from way over in New Mexico, too. :)