Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blessed Beyond Belief!! Thank you to my precious daughters and everyone who came!

Today I was blessed beyond belief by my family. My girls planned and orchestrated a total surprise baby shower for our adoption journey! There were 38 people in attendance and my own children. Glenn took me out for the morning to run errands and he kept me away until noon time. When we came into the driveway, I had NO idea what was happening. I actually had a brain cramp and thought that it was Sunday and we had missed church here at our home! What an amazing blessing! Our table is set now, BIG time!! Take a peek at my surprise! It was such a blessing!

Here is the some of the gang before I arrived!

I had many little girl helpers to open my gifts! It was precious!!

One of the fun games we played was "name that candy bar"...Candy bars are melted in diapers and then you have to try and name what type of candy bar it is! It's quite funny and a bit gross, but today, we had many ladies taking actual bites to try and guess which candy bar it was! It was a riot!!

We were also blessed with another 320.00 toward our adoption fund! This gives us a total of     $9, 520.00 !! Wow! We stand amazed! 

We were blessed with so many wonderful practical gifts from many diapers and wipes, to cute outfits and onesies, to a jogging stroller, and a diaper genie! Thank you everyone!!!  I love you!!


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