Monday, February 20, 2012

We are Here!!! And...Our Family is definitely growing by 2 feet!!!

Thank you for your prayers! We have safely arrived in Florida, and I finally figured out my Dad's wireless connection and how to get on it. Tech people we are not! We arrived here last night at 10:30. What a loooooonnnnnnggggg drive from North Carolina to here. With stops, it took us about 12.5 hours. We had a restful night sleep last night and are already enjoying sun and a 65 degree morning so far!

We got the most wonderful news this morning from our attorney! The birth Mom picked us! More info will come! We are praising God!!

 Here are some photos from our trip down and our morning here so far! Everyone says hello and sends their love!!

Glenn and I took turns doing the driving. It worked out great!

It was a welcome relief to cross into South Carolina!

The kids in the Mexico store at South of the Border

Everyone tried to stay comfy for the long ride!

At one point, Glenn was driving and I said..."Are you tired?", and he said he was, so I started to drive, and the girls took this photo right after we switched! I guess we traded just in time!!

Hooray!! We finally reached Florida!

Breakfast for 10!! Thank you Grammie! We are soooo glad to be here!

We took a 2 mile walk this morning. The kids rode their scooters! What a beautiful day!

Jon and Nicole have fun playing outside.

Our destination! 18890 South East 130th Place--Ocklawaha, Florida

Our accommodations are quite lovely and cozy!

 It's been a lovely and quite exciting day, and it's only 12:42!!

We'll keep in touch!


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