Sunday, February 26, 2012

Our Final Full Day in Florida! Hard to Believe! It's gone by soooo fast!

Today we celebrated the Lord's day here in Florida by going to church with my parents. We first had Sunday school, and that was really good, and then the church service. The church was sooooo glad to see us, as we had some of the only children at the church today! It was so sweet. They just loved on us so much! It was nice to meet some of my parents dear friends in the Lord here!

After church, we enjoyed some fellowship time with the church folks. Then we headed to the market of Marion county. This is an awesome indoor flea market that we love to go to!

After that we headed to my folks' favorite Chinese restaurant for a very late lunch.

Now, the van is packed and we are ready for a 5:00 am departure in the morning tomorrow. We are watching a DVD from Sight and Sound that we borrowed from Aunt Suzy. It's the story of Ruth.

Then to bed and up early to head to Wake Forest North Carolina.

Take a peek at our day!

Meet Grace's new friend, Elizabeth! She fell in love with Grace during Sunday school!

We enjoy fellowship time after the church service!

The girls and their new matching skirts!

My Dad's favorite music store at the Marion market! They wanted to meet Madelyn. When Grace and Madelyn make their first cd, these folks want to have a copy!

A must have at at the market--mini donuts! Yum!

At the Chinese restaurant!

We enjoy a light dessert in the evening prepared by Edward!Thank you so much Dad and Mom! We love you, and we've had a wonderful time here!xoxoxoxoxo

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