Sunday, February 19, 2012

On the Road---Day Two!!--From Delaware to North Carolina!

Howdy, After a wonderful night's sleep, and a super breakfast, we left Delaware en route for Wake Forest, North Carolina. This was about a 6.5 hour drive without any stops. We made it through Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC, with no troubles at all. Then...we hit a ton of traffic in Virginia for some strange reason. We added 1 hour to our trip time in that traffic!

We arrived at our destination around 5:15 in the evening. We were planning on staying with our friends the Hillmans from our church who moved to NC 1.5 years ago. We hadn't seen them since they left. They had to move out of their home, though, due to mold. So...they arranged for us to stay with a lovely family, the Burkes. Kim, and Al, and their 10 children. We had a super reunion with the Hillman family and a wonderful time meeting the Burke family. What wonderful southern hospitality. We had a super meal together, and spent many hours chatting.

We were invited to attend their church with them tomorrow, but alas...we must leave early. We have a 10 hour drive to reach my parent's home in Florida. We have been invited to stay here on our way home on the 1st of March, and we gladly accepted the invitation. The sweet fellowship is something we love! Here are some shots of our day!
Oma and Aunt Suzy sent us off with a HUGE box of snacks for our trip! Thank you soooo much!

Beautiful sites from a bridge in Baltimore. the kids LOVE tunnels!!

A cruise ship in a port in Baltimore!

The city of Baltimore

Washington, D.C..---You can see the Washington Monument over to the left.

A wonderful rest stop in Virginia!

At the Burke's home for dinner.

A sweet reunion with Shell!

Thank you Burke Family! You have a beautiful home and amazing hospitality! I'm signing off! It's already Sunday morning at 1:00. I'll write more once we get to Florida.

Pray for Edward. He had a bit of a cold when we left, and now his ear is killing him! We may have to take him to an urgent care clinic around here on the way tomorrow. I pray he doesn't have an ear infection!


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