Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day Two in Florida! A Lovely Day for All!

What a lovely day we had today! I got to attend a wonderful Weight Watcher's meeting in the next town over. I brought the 4 girls with me, and then Glenn had me take the girls to our favorite outlet store down here and buy them each a treat for all they did for the timely baby shower! It was so much fun! They all got skirts and some earrings.

Then we all went to Subway as a family, and got subs and ate them in a wonderful park here. It was so much fun!

Then we came home and continued our Phase 10 championship! That was so much fun! On the menu for supper tonight is Chicken on toast and a salad! Yum! This has been such a wonderful vacation for me! No cooking, or cleaning! It's awesome! We've all enjoyed sleeping in, too! No early rising for the animal chores! It's been a true vacation for sure! The girls also enjoyed Grace's pedicure salon, too!

As for the baby....I should have more information tomorrow. The local attorney for the birth Mom is going to meet with her and the birth Dad tomorrow and get a release signed so that the hospital social worker can talk with me about everything. I'm looking forward to that as I'm sure you can imagine!

Take a peek at our day!
The boys and Nicole met a new friend named Trevor. He lives in the mobile home across the street. He said to Junior:  "My name is Trevor, and I'm 4, and I got pee and poop on the potty!"....such an introduction!

Our Subway lunch in Willoughby Park

Sword fighting with the palm tree branches!

Grace's pedicure salon open for business. Toes by Nolie!

Jon and Nicole enjoy playing outside!

 Love to you all!


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