Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We all enjoyed day three in Sunny 80 degree Florida!! Wow!

Today was the best weather day yet! It was a beautiful day! We started the day off with a breakfast at Aunt Fanny's restaurant where you can get:  grits, toast and eggs for .99 cents! That's right! .99 cents! (*if you are so inclined to need coffee or tea, the price skyrockets to 2.49!!) keeping with our yankee heritage, we all ate the .99 cent breakfast and had icewater with lemon to go with it! It truly was delicious! My Dad was treating, and breakfast for 10 set him back $10.50!! Wow! He gave the waitress a 10.00 tip! She was so excited! Down here, the y'alls, and calling everyone sugarbaby is very prominent! Us northerners could learn a lot from these simple, and hospitable folks! The service has been amazing so far! That's for sure!

Today was 1/2 price day at the salvation army thrift store, so the girls and I packed up and went there today, along with a couple of other thrift stores and a yard sale! That was super fun! We got lots of nice things!

You can take the carpenter out of NH for a vacation, but you can't take the work ethic out of the carpenter here in Florida! That's right...Glenn opened up his Winslow Carpentry Florida division for a few days here in Ocklawaha. My folks needed a trash compactor (which we transported down here) installed, along with some other out door repair work. So Glenn got to take apart a cabinet and will install the compactor in that space and add some shelving and rebuild the cabinet door. This is great for Glenn as he loves to stay busy!

Tonight we attended and Ash Wednesday service at my parent's church. That was quite lovely, actually, and a wonderful reminder of the beginning of the lenten season!

We enjoyed corn chowder for lunch, here at home, and a lovely supper of shepherd's pie and Juniors famous salad! (he's become quite an accomplished salad maker down here!). My Mom said to me today..."I'm going to have to adopt your children!"...they've been a big help and blessing to her!

Madelyn got to work on her March edition of the newspaper, and we all took our 2 mile walk, too!

Here are some photos of our wonderful day!

Such a deal! Wow!

Junior doing my Dad's tradition of giving the neighborhood doggies some treats as we walk by! This made him very popular!

Junior is right at home helping prep the meals in the kitchen! Elisha, too!

The trash compactor!

The newly designed cabinet to house the compactor! I'll show the finished photos tomorrow!

At church!

 PS...No news today on Rosalinda. I should know tomorrow! The waiting is so hard! Please pray for God's will and His perfect timing!


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