Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 4 in Florida...quick update--photos are here! Yeah!

Howdy everyone,
We had a wonderful day today, and I'll upload photos tomorrow evening or Saturday morning. We are off to bed tonight and headed to Epcot center tomorrow courtesy of Grampa Dave! He wants us to be able to go! So we'll have lots to post about tomorrow!

Got an update on our baby, today, too! Yeah! Got to chat with the social worker at the hospital at length today! It's looking like she'll be released one week from tomorrow! So...we'll cut our trip short by a few days so that we'll be home in time to meet her, and bring her home within the next day or two after that!

We truly had a great day!
Junior made lemonade from fresh lemons that he got on our walk today! "When your walk gives you lemons-----Make lemonade!!" Glenn was able to put the finishing touches on the trash compactor in the kitchen! It looks great and my folks LOVE it! We had a lovely lunch at a wonderful restaurant in Ocklawaha called Alfie's. The girls all got braids in their hair for our luncheon! After lunch, we headed to some thrift stores that have 1/2 price sales! "Don't you just love a bargain!".....Then we had an afternoon tea party, which was nice! After that, we went to Big Lake Weir, about 10 miles away. This is one of my favorite places to swim locally here! It reminds me of Lake Winnipesaukee! We had a great time there! Since it was 85 degrees plus here, all of the kids went swimming!

Take a peek!

Junior's lemonade making!

Fancy hair style time!

The installation of the compactor!

Lunch for 10---on the menu:  The lunch special---cheeseburger or hamburger or fish sandwich with fries--3.99! Of course we had ice water with lemon to drink and made Grampa's special lemonade! Ask him for the recipe!

Look at the size of this fish sandwich! Wow!

All of that yummy food for 10--only 44.95! Such a deal! Thank you Grammie!
The tea party!

Fun at Big Lake Weir!

We had a wonderful dinner of barbequed pork chops on the grill!

Then we were off to the Villages for a fun night out!

 It was a glorious day, and we headed to bed to prepare for our big day at Epcot tomorrow!'s a complete surprise for the kids! They have NO idea!


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