Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fun on the Road!---Day 3

We will be on our final leg of our journey today, Sunday, February 19th. It's the longest leg by far. It's 10 hours with NO stops. Someone emailed me and asked how the kids are doing with the traveling so far. They are doing great! We have seating for 11 on this trip, but that's so that we can all ride together places when we get to my folks home. Our van is chuck full of stuff, too. We have a trash compactor that belongs to my folks that Glenn will install while we are there. 

Anyway....Grace and I prepared clip boards for each child. (In hindsight, I should have made one up for Glenn, too!--He loves to look at the kid's boards!). On each clipboard is a detailed map of each leg of the trip, A 51 state license plate game to play along the way, a blank map of the US to color each state we go through, a scavenger hunt of things to see along the way, like crops growing, a live cow, an armadillo, etc, and travel bingo. 

The kids have LOVED the clipboards! So far they've found most of the license plates to include some bonus ones from Canada and other countries! There have been many bingos, and many finished scavenger hunts!

Aunt Suzy in Delaware lent us her portable dvd player for this trip down and the trip back up through. She lent us her Sight and Sound DVDs of all of their performances. We are excited to watch those. I think we may not hook the dvd player up in the van today as the kids LOVE to look out at the sights.  Then we can watch some DVDs of Sight and Sound in the evenings at my folks. We'll see!

Okay...we are about to head out from our lovely retreat in NC. We've been invited to stay here again on our way home! Yeah! We'll get to see the Hillmans again, too! We were going to stay in a hotel. This is such a blessing from the Lord!

Thank you for your prayers for Edward's ear! It's totally better this morning. We put some all natural drops in it last night! Praise the Lord!

I'll post more and photos later today or tonight!



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