Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Day In Epcot------Thank you Grampa Dave! Friday, February 24, 2012

When we first got down here, as we were walking on our first day my Dad said..."I'd like to send your family to Disney as a treat!"...we were soooo excited, and we didn't tell the children. We picked today--Friday, February 24 as the day to go! We had an amazing day! Grampa was gone for the day, but Grammie Linda came with us! It was a beautiful day of weather, and we picked Epcot as the park to go to. We set out at 7:00 in the morning, and arrived at the park when it opened at 9:00. This is when the kids found out! They were thrilled!

We enjoyed time in 11 countries, and the other new areas of the park as well! Our favorite rides were Soarin', and Test Track. Grammie went on both! Wow! We ate lunch in China, and had dessert in France, and a snack of giant pretzels near Canada!

 Here are some photos of our trip!

We finally made it!! Yeah!!

In The Land!

A ride through their greenhouses and they hydroponic gardens! Sooooo cool!

We loved learning about Canada!

Mexico was great fun, too!

We enjoyed Norway!

Lunch time in China!

Glenn had a wonderful chicken dish, chinese cabbage salad, sesame bread, and a beef soup! Yum!

Grace dined on rice and vegetables with shrimp.

Mom, Madelyn, Elisha and I had this wonderful Chinese chicken salad!

Jon, Edward, and Nicole had lo mein, with chicken and meatballs and carrots. It was delicious!

We were amazed at the details in the gardens. This shubbery and flowers were snow white and the 7 dwarfs!

A visit to Morocco!

Everyone loved meeting Mary Poppins!

We went to a wonderful place where for free you could taste sodas from different countries!

Mozambique, Costa Rica, Italy, Germany, Japan, and a few others!

What a spectacular place at night!

The girls loved meeting sleeping beauty!  Well Grampa! What a glorious day we had! Thank you sooo much! We love you!

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