Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We May Be Growing by "two feet!"---Adoption update!

Update number 1:   Yesterday, we got the most amazing phone call from our attorney!…according to George Muller, the manager of many orphanages for the Lord, his saying always was…"Set the table and the Lord will provide!"….It's incredible to us that when Madelyn picked the date for my surprise baby shower on Saturday, February 11th, that God already new what He had in mind! It's amazing! We stand amazed!

So….We had a call yesterday afternoon from our attorney about a baby. This one is a bit different and definitely seems as though it's from the Lord. The baby girl was born on January 21st. She's actually at the Elliot hospital in Manchester, NH!!!! (This is the hospital I was born in actually--as a side note!) I don't have many details at this point. The fact that she's local, though, is HUGE, because it won't involve an out of state attorney and all of the fees!

She was born drug addicted and she's in the hospital withdrawing at this point. She'll be there for some time more, not sure how long. She's 1/2 Hispanic and 1/2 Caucasian.

no...this is not a photo of her....sigh...But it's what I'm imagining she might look like! I'm sure she's just beautiful! A precious creation from the Lord!

 That's really all I know at this point. I should know more first thing in the morning. The state is involved, and the mother is not pursuing trying to get her baby, and neither is the father at this point. The social worker from the hospital called our attorney and asked her if she might know of a family that would be a fit for her, and our attorney thought of us!

The attorney asked if we'd like to find out more about her, and possibly be matched with her. We said yes! Please pray for God's will with this! The attorney will talk with the social worker tomorrow and get many more details for us.

Also…many of you know that we are planning to leave for Florida on Friday. Please pray for wisdom and discernment regarding the trip and the timing of it all. We hope to find out tomorrow and possibly get put in touch with the hospital to find out more about when the baby will be released. We wonder if we should wait and go to Florida when she is released, or go and come back a bit early. We have many questions tonight!!!???? Please pray for wisdom and discernment for us! We are going down to stay with my folks in Florida and so we can be flexible if need be!

Update number 2:  Thank you all so very much for your prayers! Keep praying! Our profile has been forwarded to Child and Family Services in Manchester who is handling finding a home for this precious baby girl. It was forwarded by our attorney this morning. It seems that Child and Family services did not have any families that would be willing to consider this baby, and that is why the social worker emailed her friend who is our attorney.

In talking with our attorney this morning ,she told us that it would be fine to head out on our trip as planned, as it seems the baby will be in the hospital for another 2-3 weeks. She said as long as we have our laptop and cell phone with us, and that we can be contacted easily, that would be fine. So, we should know if the birth Mom accepts our profile sometime early next week. If there is any news sooner than this, the attorney will contact us.

Please pray for our attorney, too. Her name is Margaret Hall. She is heading out on Tuesday to go to England (her homeland) to tend to her dying mother. I asked if she'd like us to pray for her, and she said yes. Pray for her salvation ,and that maybe she may even see fit to read the missionary story we sent her on George Muller while she's on her journey.

If we need to, we'll head back from Florida early in order to release the baby from the hospital. We leave Friday, the 17th early in the morning. We'll take 3 days to drive down and be in Florida at my folks home on Sunday evening. Our plan was to stay there 12 days and leave Thursday, March 1st to head back. Arriving home on Sunday afternoon, March 4th.

We sure do covet your travel prayers, too!  Please pray that we would enjoy our time together as a family, and for our witness and testimony on our trip. Pray, too, for God's will with the precious little baby girl! I would just love to go right down to the Elliot and peek at her, and hold her,  but I know that I can't do that at this point, and I must just "be still" and look to God. Very hard for me for sure!

We'll keep you posted---I promise!

And more thing. We've picked out a name for this precious little gal, if she comes to us. We researched Hispanic names and picked one:

We'll name her:  Rosalinda Marguerite Winslow

We'll call her Rosie for short...we imagine! 

Linda is my (Mary's) Mom's name, too! Marguerite was my paternal grandmother's first name.

So...please pray without ceasing for God's will in this little baby's life. 

We'll be blogging about our trip each day, too!

Love, M

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