Saturday, December 07, 2013

Anyone want to guess what jazzed Glenn up this afternoon ?? Hmmm?????? Take a peek!

So in an effort to stay awake this afternoon, we took a walk around down town and guess what we saw tucked into a grouping of buildings????? Anyone?????

It's something that our children asked Glenn if he thought there would be on our trip, and Glenn said with a big sad sigh....."No, I don't think so!"

Well...whadda ya know....look what we found!!

Yup.........It totally made Glenn's day, and this coupled with the 15 degree temperature and wind chill factor it totally woke Glenn up, too!!!

 Yuppers...Dunkin Donuts!! So the menu was in another language, BUT...the green haired clerk, AND the manager both spoke English. They had a great selection of donuts, too! Very fun ones. So as I was taking this photo below, the manager came up to me and said...", no, no. photos of the menu...secret, secret recipes." I assured him that I wasn't going to steal his recipes, and that we were just very excited to see something familiar in this strange land!

 Below is their holiday donut. It's fresh strawberries in the filling along with cheesecake, too! Frosted and decorated!

So's the little ways God looks out for us, and wants to make us comfortable and reduce our stress! Thank you Lord!

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