Thursday, December 05, 2013

Please pray for dear little Joshua and his family!

Good morning! Would you all please join me in praying for a dear NH home schooling family of 10 children. They've adopted a bunch, just like us, and their last 2 have been from China. Their son Joshua from China came to them with a severe heart defect. He's been on a transplant list since coming home, and this past week they posted this:

Last night at 9:40, we got the life changing call that Joshua will receive a heart transplant. We scooted down to Boston Children's and he went into surgery around 5:00am.

Then here are some more updates. Please, please lift this dear Christian family up in prayer! They have 9 children at home that need prayer, too!

Dear friends and family. Thank you. With the intensity of the last two days, we had to "shut down" for a few hours per doctor's orders.

About five hours after transplant, Joshua had a cardiac arrest. They were able to get him on ecmo - life support within 14 minutes. The plan going forward is to let his new heart rest for 48-72 hours and then slowly ask it to go back to work. We have been able to see him between events and other than some blood pressure issues, he was stable through the night. We are learning that our journey went from one day at a time to minute by minute.

We pray that Joshua will "stand strong" and "be courageous". God has had a plan for this boy from the very beginning. Anyone who has ever met him will testify. Again, thank you for the fb love, prayers, and shares.

Once extra thought, if you could pray for the other nine kids, some who are fragile emotionally, that they would not let their worry overcome them. Just Mom and Dad being gone is a huge stressor never mind Joshua's issues.

Be blessed. And always remember that Today Is What You Have.

Then today we received these updates and photos:

We have the United States Marine Corp holding Joshua up in thought and prayer. Calls, texts, and offers of help. These are truly men and women of honor. Can I say "Oorah!" — with Jerrod Peterson. (their son Jerrod is in the Marines right now!)

Red Ranger is on duty. Fighting for and with our boy.

Dear Friends and Family, Joshua had a quiet day today. No big events. He is resting, sedated and paralyzed. He is still bleeding and we would love for that to slow and stop. We are still waiting for his heart to show us that it is ready to go to work. Today it did not give us any signs, so more rest tomorrow.

Thank you to all who have rallied to help with our kids at home. You are so important in giving us peace of mind and the ability to stay focused on Joshua.

Bob and I are doing okay. Although today we were pretty weepy and overcome with the immensity of this journey. In this very stressful situation, our main cardiologist gave us her strong recommendations on how to survive the coming days: not to worry about home, take care of ourselves, and be here for Joshua. We are trying. I am battling discouragement. Bob is a rock. He reminded me that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

We pray that Joshua's new heart will find its beat, will be restored, and he will come back to us stronger than ever. I can't wait to see his smile.

The simple things in life give us great pleasure.

Good morning from CICU in Boston. Joshua has had a quiet night. He is resting and seems comfortable. There were no crisis overnight but no forward movement either. Today at 10:30 they will address the bleeding that continues to ooze. All his other systems seem to be working and unaffected. We are grateful for that.

We are feeling the need to hunker down and stay close. Bob slept in the room last night and we will be with him as much as possible. Today I will be working on thankfulness. Bob is doing a little work to distract himself. My big kids are feeling stressed because they can't "be here" to help out; they were part of the pack for a long time and life is different now. I am grateful for their love and support as adults. It means everything. With Lindsey Peterson and Jerrod Peterson.

Childlife is helping me to stay positive and today we are going to put up pictures. Decorating is not my thing so I was glad that she suggested it. Then I won't have to whip out my ipad every time someone asks us if Joshua is our only child.....we've dropped enough jaws to last a lifetime when we say "Ten". This simple act will give the nurses and doctors a sense of Joshua's life and it will help us to look forward.
**Please send cards to help decorate!!!!! Anyone!

Boston Children's Hospital
CICU - 8 South
300 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA 02115

**Let's surprise them and fill their room with cards from all over!

Thank you for your prayers, messages, and love. The body of Christ is alive and well.

Thank you so much for praying! Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who will pray!! We'll keep you posted!

Love to you!
Mary for the Winslow Family

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