Monday, December 16, 2013

Please pray for this little guy today and in the coming months until our return!

Would you please pray for Jerry this day. As we are packing up our bags to check out of the hotel and bring him back to the orphanage this morning, please pray that Yavor, our interpreter would be able to communicate to him that we are coming back. We told him that when we come back and bring him to America that this small carry on that you see in the photo below would be his. So this morning, he's got his 2 bags to take, and this carry on and he keeps pointing to it and saying..."Jerry's! Jerry's!"...we think he thinks that he's coming with us today!

We ask you to pray...for peace and comfort for him and us! This is going to be rip your heart out hard when we have to walk out of those doors without him!

We've left him with a photo album that Yavor translated for us, and he's met all of the kids at home on face time! Thank you technology! we can just pray once we get back in that car and head to Sofia! Thank you all for praying!
 He had ice cream at supper last night for dessert and he LOVED it!
 So he found Glenn's new Chippewa boots and he just HAD to try them on after his bath!
 Glenn spent some quality time with Jerry last night teaching him the fine art of dipping cookies in milk! Yeah!
 Here is our bud this morning, with "his" suitcase!
Thank you for your prayers! We love you all !

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Melissa Eaton said...

Thank You so much for sharing your trip. You and Glen are such a blessing and these children have found their perfect home with you. Praying for God's will in all of this.