Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Truly a Miracle from the Lord!

This is truly the Lord. When we went to Jerry's orphanage on Friday morning last week for our first visit with him, we were introduced to him and he came and gave us big hugs and said..."Mama--Patkey(Papa!). The staff had done a wonderful job preparing him for our arrival! These 2 photos were taken shorty after we met him!

So as we sat in this really hot and stuffy room playing with him, with about 5 staff members of the orphanage all staring at us, our translator Yavor came into the room and said..."They've asked me if you would like to take Jerry with you?"..."Take him where?" we asked..."Back to the hotel with you!"...said Yavor..."They said you could bring him with you, and keep him with you until Monday!"...."WOW!"....you see, we were scheduled for the usual, 2 hour visit in the morning and 2 hour visit in the afternoon for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and a morning visit only for Monday. Instead, God allowed us the blessing of having this special guy with us the entire time! It was amazing! Then, on our facebook group Shelley told me this about Jerry's orphanage:

"Yes, this is the orphanage that has been open for 90 years and has NEVER had an adoption. Your precious boy will be the first!!! As a side note, the reason we ended up with his file to begin with is because one of the ladies at the MOJ (Minister of Justice) just loved him...his photo and his description. She asked Toni to please advocate for him."

Isn't this amazing? Isn't this incredible?? From across the world, our God who sets the lonely in families, who commands us to care for the orphans and the widows...chose us...The Glenn Winslow Family...and our joyous little guy Jerry...to break open the doors of this orphanage that had been closed to adoption for 90 years!

Just had to share that awesome miracle with you! I'm typing this blog post as we await the boarding of our plane from Frankfurt to Chicago!

We are super excited to love on our kiddos waiting at home for us!


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Melissa Eaton said...

Amazing! God is so Good :)